aluki is a Arabian-Persian sighthound with historical background and is considered to be the worlds oldest now living breed. He is friendly, personal and intelligent. Put in some time and effort and You end up with a fantastic companion. As an adult the Saluki is calm and peaceful indoors but loves to get a good run once or twice a day, i.e. he is "off" indoors and "on" outdoors. The Saluki is very friendly, but he might not love Your acquaintances as he loves Your family. He can sometimes be conceived as being vain. He has no need to be loved by all, but chooses instead his friends carefully.

ll important in our breeding is the dogs temperament, soundness and construction. These three ingredients has also resulted in that many the dogs of our breeding has gone well in the showrings. We feel a good temperament to be the most important. After all, it is in Your home that the dog must function and spend the majority of his time. The Saluki is perfect with children, but as with all other breeds it take mutual respect. Dogs are not toys.

et it be said that obedience is not what one associates with the Saluki, it is not really a working dog. In our breeding we have however had several dogs which have been good obedience dogs. We also have a bitch who has in team with her mistress, been contracted by the Swedish army as a guard/patrol dog.

ndoubtedly it is not a easy thing to breed dogs. Have You once put dogs to the world, is it once obligation to find good homes for them. That is something we have as a motto and that we accomplished well.

ennel Badavie, the name means Bedouin in Arabic, and our breeding is based upon Int Nord & Fin Uch Beduin.

n a breed this small is it easy to find kindred souls, because when You meet a fellow Saluki owner where ever in the world You are and tell them that You have a Saluki Yourself, it is like saying "Open Sesame!". You suddenly find Yourself in a lively discussion about these fantastic dogs.

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